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As a photographer, filmmaker, and composer, I have been lucky enough to help capture and form moments with my clients, and subjects, many of whom I consider friends. Capturing moments in an elevated, artistic, yet authentic style has been my greatest source of inspiration and drive throughout my career. I strive to shoot in a high touch photojournalistic style, a combination that is not typically easy to achieve, but then again, what easy thing is worth achieving?


 These rates, while applicable to many, are not exhaustive. Please note that any shoots done for OTT media, print publication, or other large display will require a more detailed discussion about your project and its scope before I can give you an accurate quote.



1 Hour

Good for Social media content, headshot, general capture, portraiture, couples.

Usually yields 30-40 images.




3-4 hours

Good for events, or more complicated social shoots with multiple locations.

Usually yields 100 ~ 200 images.




5-8 hours

This is my "day rate" good for larger shoots, generating lots of content, or more complicated shoots that involve coordinating talent, locations, or difficult captures.

Usually yields upwards of 300+ photos





To capture Social media content (vertical video clips) that you will edit later I charge an additional $200/hour. Select this for events/ or social content shoots


Every year I take on a select few larger documentary/video projects similar to those in my portfolio on the FILMMAKING page. Please contact me directly so we can discuss and I can give an accurate quote.

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