Elevate your Event Photography.

Clinking glasses, forks bringing delicious food from plate to mouth,  dimmed lighting, wafting bouquets from swirling glasses. 

For all the work you've put into an event, it seems a shame to capture it in low quality on an iPhone.

With our camera, lenses, and editing (included), we'll make sure that your pictures reflect your event. Great for social media, print materials, or web publication.

Before the event we'll have a brief discussion as to any special moments or features you want to make sure we get. During the event we filter through the crowd, getting you the shots you want and taking pictures your guests will share or social media. 

Afterwards, we go through and pick out the best photos, then edit them to perfection. The full resolution results are delivered within a few days, in easily shareable and post-able jpeg format.

Contact us for a free consultation, where we can discuss what you need and the appropriate coverage!